Tesco’s Hero Bangkit Initiative To Give Your Business A Boost

We all need a lending hand sometimes to overcome challenges in life. Recognising the hurdles that businesses face during these hard times, Tesco, together with Astro, initiated a contest called Hero Bangkit to help.

Here’s a breakdown by Tesco’s Customer Director, Vivian Yap, on how you can sign your business up to receive this assistance.

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The Rise Of Azman

Some businesses are affected by the difficult times we’re in, whilst some are faced with challenges when attempting to start a new venture. However, nothing will get in their way to rise again.

If you have a similar story, share it with Tesco HERE, and you may get just the support you need!

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The Rise of Karimah Karipap

Though they’re only small businesses, their passion and determination are undeniable. When we need them, they’re there but this time, they need our help to rise up once more. If you have a similar story, submit your entry HERE so TESCO can help you rise up again.

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The Rise Of Bakri Burger

For those of you who are struggling to make ends meet for your business, rise up! Don't give up on your undying passion to keep it going or even open up a business of your dream. If you have a similar story, submit your story HERE so that Tesco can help you rise up once more.

#KitaBangkitKita    #sapotlokal